Crime Prevention: A safer Manukau for alL


A major focus for Business Manukau is the need to ensure that the local business district is a safe environment for all who work, shop and do business here.

In response to our members’ needs and priorities, we maintain a strong focus on crime prevention, largely through our two dedicated Crime Prevention Managers:  Anton Welsh - who has an extensive background in the security industry, and Teresa (Tess) Maunsell - who has experience as both a NZ Police Sergeant and within the security industry.  This has equipped them both extremely well for the task:

  • Regular night time security patrols of your street every night, seven days per week by our Security Provider.
  • Emergency call-out assistance from Anton Welsh, Crime Prevention Manager, between the hours of 9am – 5pm Mon - Fri.
  • Emergency call-out assistance from Tess Maunsell, Crime Prevention Manager, between the hours of 12 - 8pm Wed - Fri, and 9am - 5pm Sat & Sun.
  • Free security audits of your business premises using the NZ Police-endorsed audit system.
  • Logging of crimes or suspicious persons or vehicles onto the Auror-Police electronic system on your behalf.
  • Removal of Graffiti and Tagging for free within 24 hours of it being reported.
  • Monitoring and control of window washers to keep members and customers safe.
  • Regular Crime Alert emails in response to current offending.
  • Instigation of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) measures to decrease crime in your area.
  • Liaison with NZ Police and local security firms on your behalf.
  • Installation of CCTV cameras in Manukau hotspots to decrease crime and increase safety.
  • After-crime support and advice.

In addition, Anton and Tess have noted a number of other security areas in which Business Manukau can play an effective role, protecting its members and their interests.  Some ongoing issues include walk-in thefts of handbags, cash and tools, and the presence of undesirable and suspicious characters on the streets both during the day and at night.

They are also aware of the many traffic and parking issues that need to be addressed, in order to make Manukau less of a vehicle-dominated space, and more pedestrian-friendly.

Former Business Manukau Board Chairman, Stuart Palmer, is proud of what’s been achieved in terms of security in the business district.

“We’ve done some very practical things, such as getting council to trim trees, and open up places that might have been attractive to people who were up to no good.

“You hardly ever see graffiti now because it’s always cleaned off so fast, and crime statistics in the area have dropped significantly so we really are making a difference.”